an actual real interview!
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wow! this site actually has something vaguely sensible! how peculiar.
yes. well. in northampton, jon very kindly said he wouldn't mind answering some questions for fisherharper, no matter how silly they were. so i came up with these and thrust them in his direction at the norwich gig, with the instruction that he was not to read them while i was still within killing distance... hmm... i've never been very good at conducting interviews. but he answered them and posted them back with no hint of annoyance. he's such a sweetie!
sadly, um, i can't read his writing half the time. hence all the brackets and side notes and question marks. eek. but i'm not complaining in the slightest. no, no, no. i'm extremely grateful that he took the time to answer the questions.
yes. now i will shut up and get on with the questions...


how are you? i am very good. actually i'm sitting outside my flat in the communal garden garden in the sun, next to the pool, taking it real easy.

how does it feel to be such a fantastic drummer? do your arms hurt? my hands get a little sore. shouldn't use such large sticks. been hitting things for years so used to it now. no problems.

monkeys or fish? fish covered in loads of monkeys

jam or marmite? i really hate marmite. and raw tomato. gherkins. celery... pesto... bean curd. aniseed? is that how you spell it? thats about it!!

dream tour line up? (cooper temple clause supported by supporting...) rolling stones, led zeppelin, beatles, jimi hendrix, the doors, zappa, janis, neil young, can, nirvana, love, pink floyd, who, deus, pavement, pixies, motley crue just for fun. bon jovi for the chicks [?] we have already supported a few of our heroes eg: super furries. the dream is always what can never be.

best gig played? roskilda denmark 02. fuji rock 2002, reading fest 02. supporting muse at the colston hall bristol

best gig attended? rage against the machine... reading festival 92 or 3. radiohead glastonbury 97?

top 5 (or 7... or 10... or 20...) albums ever? forever changes, ill communication, dark side, harvest, after the gold rush, nation of millions, sticky fingers, velvet underground nico, white album, revolver, safe as milk(?), innervisions, talking book, blue lines, outspaced, in a bar under the sea, software slump, worst case scenario, horses, the bends, amnesiac, zeppelin 1

favourite: books? cs lewis the cosmic trilogy, zecharia sitchin the 12th planet stephen king, langoliers. mr sunset phil jarratt. herman...[something... i can't read it, eek, i'm hopeless]

films? dirty harry, time bandits, true romance, 60/70s/barbarella, paul newman films.. cool hand luke. colour of money, david lynch films. old epics, fantasy. sci fi. action adventure. weird science. lost boys. valley of the dolls. russ meyer. the goonies.

tv shows? battle of the planets. ulysses 31 dungeons and dragons. monkey. mtv2. a-team.

colour? black.. tho not a colour so... red.

word? fun, experience, adventure, free, [and something that could either be "love" or "hove"...]

number? 2

cooper temple clause song? safe enough distance, new toys, newcastle (working title)

cheese? blue. port salut. camonbert.

fellow tctc member? i always share with fish. i love them all.

drink? guinness... tropicana golden grapefruit. vodka.

animal? marmot, koala, tiger.

who are your biggest inspirations for: drumming? jimi chamberlain. john bonham. all the old skool jazz guys are great.. andy bailey [?]

music? i am being forever inspired. daily. radio stations, new albums, old... etc.

life? anyone who doesnt settle for less. who wants to go out and do something, explore, write, film. people who have imagination which exceeds their social limits. travel.

would you consider wearing bunny ears full time? yes. could be difficult tho. in the shower. in bed. driving. might be distracting.

you, who do you hate? i hate people who lack passion, i hate people who abuse women. i hate people that steal or lie.

youre widely regarded as the sweetest member of the band - is it difficult being so lovely to all the fans? especially the annoying ones who have really bad websites and take too many photos and make you answer lots of questions? don't you ever want to punch them? to inspire somebody is surely the greatest thing. i will be nice to anyone who is nice to me. but you only get one chance. go against me or my family or friends and i will never forgive. it's sometimes hard with security and stuff.

which fictional character do you most relate to? mad max. peter pan. animal. captain caveman.

feel like moving to norwich and joining foxholski? london! it has to be london!!